GigarBox is a Secure, Immutable, Blockchain-Authenticated Record Storage

Why we built GigarBox

A secure verifiable storage solution for important documents

GigarBox is a document storage platform secured by blockchain technology specifically targetting government, business and individuals for documents that need extra care and extra security protection.

Security of your important documents starts here


Blockchain based document storage - easily access your document when you need it


Ideal for government and education institutions. Issue verifications codes on the go


Immutable - reserve edit rights to documents uploaded and signed by you

Here's how GigarBox works

GigarBox IPFS Only

  • Upload document through the GigarBox user interface or API.
  • The document is saved in IPFS and a unique hash is generated.
  • The generated Hash from step 2 above is used to sign pritable documents for future verification.
  • The generated hash is tamper proof and cannot be altered. It acts as the document signature and incase any alteration on the document content, the hash is void.

GigarBox IPFS + Blockchain

  • Uploaded document is saved in IPFS and a unique hash is generated.
  • The unique hash is securely saved in a Blockchain alongside key meta data. Blockchain transaction hash is generated.
  • The transaction hash is used to sign printable documents for verification.
  • The blockchain makes it tamper proof and traceable. Use of Ethereum and IPFS adds another level of security and reliability.